Delicate and forthright new wave all day dining
About Sfumato
Sfumato Gastro Atelier is a new wave all day dining restaurant with delicate and forthright gastronomy.
The restaurant is located in ME Dubai Hotel, Opus Tower created by Zaha Hadid – one of the most famous, successful and influential architects in the world, who radically changed the worldwide architecture style. Inspired by her fearless vision, Alena Solodovichenko, Michelin-recognized chef from Moscow, seeks to revolutionize urban dining.
The guiding concept of Sfumato is to present concept of affordable luxury based on homegrown products with very delicate and intimate flavors. Alena Solodovichenko demonstrates that vegetables and roots can be sophisticated and elegant ingredients playing the main role in any dish. Our Chef offers a refined sophisticated gastronomy with love and attention to details and esthetic joy, which is also demonstrated in the interior, lighting and musical accompaniment.
Our Chef
Alena Solodovichenko is a well known chef in Ukraine, Russia and UAE. Alena was born in Kyiv, Ukraine. She has started working in restaurants when she was barely 18 and has more than 15 years of experience. At the age of 22 Alena became a Chef and moved to Moscow, where she curated more than 20 restaurants emphasizing local products and Ukrainian cuisine.
For the last several years in Moscow she was Chef in the legendary Moscow restaurant Doctor Zhivago, which received the Michelin recommendation in 2021 under Alena’s guidance. In Russia Solodovichenko received GQ Super Woman of the Year Award and other significant awards.
Alena’s goal as a chef is to create very honest, sensual and graceful gastronomy, which brings deep, yet delicate flavor to every guest. Every course in Sfumato menu has Alena’s unique feminine touch, which shows how women as Chefs can drastically change the gastronomy worldwide.
Our Menu
Our cuisine is tailored to excite the sense of sight and taste without compromising the natural goodness of the ingredients. Sfumato is welcoming our guests for breakfast, lunch and fine dining dinner experience. The menu is based on local and worldwide grown vegetables combined with stunning selection of delicacies, fish, seafood and meat cooked on fire. Some of the courses are inspired by our Chef Alena Solodovichenko’s heartwarming childhood memories and have delicate Ukrainian touch.
Chef recommends you to try stracciatella with beetroot and carrot with passion fruit as appetizers, cauliflower risotto with scallops and caviar as a main dish, and apple with mint and coconut as a dessert.
Beverage Program
The beverage menu is uniquely attuned to the cuisine and location, proposing bold non-alcoholic cocktails that eschew imitations of traditional drinks for entirely new, tantalizing creations. Sfumato employs homemade cardinals, fermentation, local berries and fruits, and unique herbal collections to explore new dimensions in mixology.
Our cocktails are very forthright yet fulfilling and catchy. Sfumato team is delighted to recommend our guest which beverages will perfectly emphasize the taste of our dishes. In Sfumato wine list you will find avant-garde, bold and distinctive selection of spirits, many of which are hard to find in any other restaurant in Dubai.